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Amazing Alien Orb Photo From Vermont 46
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 21 2017 14:35
Submerged Alien Craft Hunted By The Navy 113
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 20 2017 14:34
Multiple Alien Craft Encounter Over Aurora Colorado 186
Paranormal on Monday Jun 19 2017 15:27
Erratic Alien Craft Spotted Over South Africa 221
Paranormal on Sunday Jun 18 2017 11:50
Two Brothers Witness Classic Saucer In Alabama 306
Paranormal on Saturday Jun 17 2017 13:02
Shape Shifting Alien Craft Encounter In California 318
Paranormal on Friday Jun 16 2017 15:59
Mysterious Orb Encounter Over Australia 327
Paranormal on Thursday Jun 15 2017 15:50
Tremendous Boomerang Encounter In New York State 95
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 14 2017 16:11
Hugh Triangle Witnessed Over Lisbon Portugal 141
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 13 2017 17:26
Ufologist Amazing Alien Craft Photo Over England 148
Paranormal on Monday Jun 12 2017 15:58